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"Newton dazzles...he exhibited breathtaking restraint,
breaking down time with a subtle hand,
tapping out painterly splashes of sound...
A large reserve of free floating power."
Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

Curt Newton coaxes whispers from drumsets and swing from old tin cans, weaving various musical traditions together in the spirit of serious playfulness. Over the past two decades he's performed across the U.S., Canada and Europe and recorded over 20 CDs with some of contemporary music's leading figures including Ken Vandermark, Joe Morris, Nate McBride, Pandelis Karayorgis and Charlie Kohlhase.  Curt studied drumset with Bob Gullotti and has a Master's degree in Jazz Performance from New England Conservatory, neither of which bears any responsibility for his drumset arrangement of Lutoslawski's String Quartet.

Curt with mi3, Union Hall, Brooklyn NY, Dec. 2009 
Credit: Peter Gannushkin - DOWNTOWNMUSIC.NET 
Current Projects
Eric Hofbauer Quintet
EHQ photo

Eric Hofbauer - guitar / Junko Fujiwara - cello / Todd Brunel - clarinets  / Jerry Sabatini - trumpet / Curt Newton - drumset
Performing Eric's rearrangements of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring and Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time

Kevin Whitehead's review on NPR "Fresh Air"


Friday 11/21/14 @ Church of the Advent, Boston MA
Friday 2/13/15 @ Emerson College, Boston MA
Friday 4/17/15 @ Clark University, Worcester MA
Saturday 4/18/15 @ Springfield MA, alongside Springfield Symphony Orchestra's performance of Rite of Spring
Friday 5/14 @ New Gallery Concert Series, Boston MA

Charlie Kohlhase Explorer's Club
Rotating personnel (Matt Langley, Eric Hofbauer, Jerry Sabatini or Daniel Rosenthal, Jeff Galindo, Josiah Reibstein, Jef Charland, Aaron Darrel) and frequent special guests...
3rd Thursday every month at Outpost 186, Cambridge MA
Last Wednesday every month at Lily Pad, Cambridge MA

Pandelis Karayorgis -  piano / Jorrit Dijkstra - alto saxophone
Nate McBride - bass / Curt Newton - drums
Repertoire: originals + a few covers e.g. Steve Lacy and Thelonious Monk
Recording tracked Summer 2014, expected Spring 2015 release

Dave Bryant Group
Dave Bryant, keyboardist with Ornette Coleman's Prime Time and Boston groundbreakers Shock Exchange, assembles rotating 4tet-7tet groups including Neil Leonard, Tom Hall, Jeff Song, Eric Rosenthal, and Jacob William
Monday 12/10/14 @ Outpost 186, Cambridge MA

The Outnumbered

Collective group with Jason Robinson and Charlie Kohlhase - saxophones /
Josh Rosen - piano / Bruno Raberg - bass / Curt Newton - drums
Friday 2/27/15 @ Northampton Community Music Center, Northampton MA - 8pm

I try to email an upcoming gig calendar roughly every 2 months. Contact me
at [curt <at> curtnewton <dot> com] to join that list.

the mi3
We Will Make a Home For You (2005)
Free Advice (2007)

Song / Newton Duo
viii  [5MB] /    [9MB] /  vi  [10MB]
(mp3 - 2005)

Analog Tara (Tara Rodgers) 
Woonsocket Pocket  / Holding Yr Breath
(mp3 - 2005)

The Poppies
Saturn Jane (mp3 - 2003)

Eric Hofbauer Quintet
Rite of Spring at Church of the Advent, Feb. 7 2014.
Part 1: “A Kiss Of The Earth” to “Procession Of The Oldest And Wisest One”

Part 2: “The Kiss Of The Earth” – “The Exalted Sacrifice”

Part 3: “Mystic Circle Of The Young Girls” to end.
[Newton's] style is as consistently tuneful 
as a percussionist's is likely to get.” 
Chris Kelsey, Cadence
"Newton maintains a beautiful flow…whether blowing free or nailing time, [he] swings throughout.”
Hal Howland, Modern Drummer
“...every cymbal hit, rim tap, and snare roll reflects the kind of  precise touch that separates sublime dynamic slopes from time-keeping prairies.” 
Michael Anton Parker, Downtown Music Gallery

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